How Plexxi changed
the conversation.

Like most good ideas, it began with a frustration over the status quo. Networks were too complex, too costly and too inefficient.

In the early 1990s, CEO Dave Husak worked in an era of switching companies. After stints at Synernetics and C-Port, Dave started Reva before taking on the data center switching market. While server utilization had improved the compute space, and advances in both software and hardware had altered storage, Dave realized that networking hadn’t changed in 20 years. 

Dave’s eureka moment came when reading Microsoft’s paper on traffic patterns, understanding that network congestion was a result of inefficient conversations taking place within its infrastructure. So, he created an SDN controller to understand and direct these conversations. However, Dave soon realized that the dynamic software could only work with underlying hardware that would also change on the fly. Thus, the Plexxi Switch was born, using photonic switching technologies to bring an adaptable capacity to a previously static environment.

Today, our solution is based on the Plexxi Control software working in tandem with the Plexxi Switch hardware. The result? The first and only network that automatically addresses the ever-changing communication among the applications within its infrastructure. This ensures the optimum conversation paths for the most important communication.