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PlexxiPulse—Is the Network a Storage Problem?

February 12th, 2016 | Mat Mathews | No Comments

In talking to our customers, CEO Rich Napolitano realized that the rapidly changing dynamics of storage have an impact on network traffic. After reading articles like this one from Enrico Signoretti at the Register on how the network may become the next bottleneck for storage, he decided to investigate further. In a blog post this […]

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Simply A Better Network for Converged Infrastructure and Your Storage

February 7th, 2016 | Rich Napolitano | No Comments

Plexxi had a really big year in 2015; growing year-over-year revenue by 10X and dramatically increasing our list of customers, signing an exclusive distribution relationship with Arrow Electronics and expanding our value added reseller network by 6X. We achieved all this through a relentless focus on providing transformational data center networking products and tools. Our […]

PlexxiPulse—Barriers to Adoption

February 5th, 2016 | Mat Mathews | No Comments

At the recent BOSNOG meetup where our co-founder and CTO Dave Husak hosted a discussion on the state of the network, a member of the audience asked what Plexxi’s barriers to adoption were. This struck a chord with Bill Koss, our VP of Strategic Accounts who was in attendance at the event. He outlined what […]

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For Those Who Think Differently

February 4th, 2016 | Bill Koss | No Comments

A week ago Plexxi’s founder and CTO, Dave Husak presented at the Boston area networking Meetup called BOSNOG. This week Plexxi celebrates our five-year founding anniversary. I was at the Meetup with the Plexxi team and during the Q&A segment a question was asked that provoked some reflection on my part. The question was “what […]

PlexxiPulse—BOSNOG Event

January 29th, 2016 | Mat Mathews | 2 Comments

This week, Plexxi co-founder Dave Husak hosted interactive discussion on the evolving role of network administrators, the future of cloud environments and bringing order to the chaos of software-defined networking, at a BOSNOG (Boston Network Operators Group) event. Dave and the team enjoyed connecting with other networking professionals in the area and listening to other […]

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