PlexxiPulse – No, you haven’t landed on the wrong page

While browsing the Plexxi website recently you may have discovered our new featured customers page. Debuted this week, it highlights a select handful of the many organizations that have embraced our Hyperconverged Network solutions. On the page you’ll find information on our customers such as Kronos, MIT, Perseus, Washington State University, Iron Mountain and more […]

PlexxiPulse – Hyperconvergence? We’ve got you covered

Let’s talk about the network. Today, we are relying increasingly on the network to connect both servers and storage elements to servers. But for decades the network was used to connect client desktops to servers. The question remains if the networking we knew back then can handle today’s challenges. With the emergence of hyperconverged infrastructure […]

Is Your Network Aware of Your Infrastructure – It Should Be…

In a previous blog post, I talked about Plexxi’s network awareness of applications and infrastructure. I talked about how this awareness can make many network operations dynamic and transparent to the IT administrator. I also discussed how awareness can enhance infrastructure agility by making it easier to recognize and quickly respond to events. Awareness, by […]

PlexxiPulse – Join us at .NEXT 2017!

The 2017 Nutanix .NEXT Conference is only a few days away, and we couldn’t be more excited. This year, I’ll be co-presenting with Nutanix’s networking security specialist engineer, Yuan Wang. We’ll be discussing Plexxi HCNTM  integration with Nutanix — and demonstrating the automation and integrated network visualization that our combined solutions provide to customers. Our […]

Hyperconvergence is Hot – Can Your Network Take the Heat?

Sometimes it seems that the more things change, the more they remain the same.  Back in the day, when Sun Microsystems was flying-high selling leading-edge, distributed computing solutions, the company’s tagline was, “The Network is the Computer.” To many at the time, this was a foreign concept (wasn’t the network just a set of wires […]

The Network Knows – Let It Help You

  Hey, Brian here. In my inaugural blog, I talked about the technology trifecta of hyperconverged compute, storage, and networking, and how I think Plexxi represents a critical next phase of networking. That discussion, as well as my occasional dabbling in autonomous robotics, got me thinking about the accelerated pace of change in automation technology, […]

PlexxiPulse – Check Out our CEO Blog!

For all you Plexxi blog fans out there, make sure to check out our CEO blog, where Plexxi CEO Rich Napolitano sheds light on advancements and recent announcements in networking and at Plexxi. With more than 30 years of IT experience, most recently as the head of EMC’s Unified Storage Division, Rich brings a unique […]

PlexxiPulse – Distributed Private Cloud Use Case

The Challenge: In the networking industry, change is driven by the applications that run on top of IT infrastructure. To keep up with industry demands, the applications themselves are shifting to be increasingly efficient while simultaneously processing vastly larger amounts of data, often resulting in step-function-like changes in application architectures. For instance, in a traditional […]