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Conversations happen everywhere in and around the IT infrastructure. We need a common language to translate them. Affinity is an open model for describing conversations that expresses application workload requirements in non-networking terms. Affinities let us know which elements are talking, and outline what is important about the conversation. 


Silo-free solutions

With a common way of expressing what’s important, conversation requirements can be shared across what have typically been disparate IT silos. 


Determining what’s important

All conversations are not equal. Focus on the most critical conversations within your infrastructure, and use affinities to help guarantee those workloads.


Comprehensible descriptions

Affinities are not a re-imagining of VLANs, ACLs, or other network policy constructs. They capture conversation requirements through higher-level abstractions familiar to the application.


Actionable requirements

Affinities are only useful if requirements are specific and enforceable. Ultimately, the network should be able to demonstrate adherence to application service level agreements (SLAs).