The Strategies and Architectures behind Software-defined Networking (SDN)

Software-defined Networking is the most significant change in networking in more than two decades. With such a change, there is bound to be confusion. This list includes definitional content, analysis, and architectural detail relevant to anyone getting up to speed on SDN. Video: Plexxi Affinity Networking Blog: Will SDN drive commoditization or just change the […]

Datacenter Architecture

Datacenter architectures are changing. Technologies like SDN and photonic switching are having transformative impacts. This reading list highlights the major trends, discussing technical and architectural topics relevant for anyone building a datacenter. Blog: Are “flatter” networks simply rearranging the deck chairs? Blog: Big Data Needs a Better Network Blog: Air travel, spine and leaf style […]

Understanding Plexxi Switches

Plexxi’s datacenter switch, aptly called Plexxi Switch, is at the core of Plexxi’s datacenter switch fabric. This reading list includes descriptions to help people become familiar with the product and how it is used. Podcast: What is Switch 2? Podcast: What is Plexxi’s Pod Switch Interconnect (NULL, spine and leaf style Blog: Plexxi paths and […]

Understanding Plexxi Control and SDN Controllers

Plexxi’s SDN controller is called Plexxi Control. This list features commentary on SDN controllers generally, as well as content aimed at explaining what Plexxi’s controller is and how it works. Podcast: How does the Plexxi switch talk to the Plexxi controller? Podcast: What makes Plexxi different? Blog: Network Design in a Virtual World: Applications and […]

What is Application Centricity?

That the network exists in support of applications is clear. But what does it mean to be application-centric? This list covers some of the objectives, considerations, and practical implications of Application Centricity. Podcast: What is Application-Centric Infrastructure? Whitepaper: The defining guide to application-centric infrastructure Blog: Plexxi on Cisco: Application-driven networking is the new black Blog: […]

Photonic Switching in the Datacenter

The future of networking is photonically interconnected. Manufacturing advances are making photonic switching viable in the enterprise. This list includes technical and architectural considerations for what photonic switching can mean in the datacenter. Podcast: What is photonic switching and how does it differ from “optics” like SFPs? Podcast: What is WDM and why does it […]

DevOps for Networking

DevOps is a major trend in managing IT infrastructure. However, how DevOps applies to networking is different than traditional compute models. This requires a different way of thinking about DevOps and automation. Blog: The death of network engineers; Long live network engineers Blog: Closing the bio gaps in networking Blog: Networking integration with DevOps tools: […]

Infrastructure Integration and the Data Services Engine

Capability in isolation is useless. Everything in IT operates in context. This reading list covers the salient points of integration and automation, highlighting Plexxi’s Data Service Engine as a means of improving cross-infrastructure integration. Blog: Integratable is not the same as integrated Plexxi in Depth: Data Services Engine Trends in Technology: Trends in Technology: The […]

Policy Abstractions and Open Affinity

Much of the management pain in networking is edge policy management. Abstraction is a useful means of reducing complexity and its corresponding cost. Plexxi’s Open Affinity abstraction represents an open source model for policy abstraction. Video: Plexxi Affinity Networking Podcast: What is affinity? Solution Brief: Affinity networking for data centers & clouds Podcast: What can […]