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Why Plexxi?

Plexxi is building simply a better network.

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Plexxi Compatibility Matrix

The Plexxi compatibility matrix defines compatibility between released versions of Plexxi software. Software…

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Why Plexxi?

Plexxi is building simply a better network.

Datacenter Architecture

Datacenter architectures are changing. Technologies like SDN and photonic switching are having transformative impacts.…

Understanding Plexxi Switches

Plexxi’s datacenter switch, aptly called Plexxi Switch, is at the core of Plexxi’s datacenter switch fabric.…




Are You A Cloud Builder?

The Cloud Builder takes a different IT approach to meeting the needs of the business. They look at applications and data requirements from the perspective of business goals not static technology silos (servers, storage arrays or switches). They want a flexible set of tools that enable a building-block approach. Are you looking for a better public or private cloud?