Plexxi Pulse – Cisco, Big Switch and the changing market

This week, Cisco announced that it will be reducing its workforce by about 500 people. Some are citing the changing landscape of the networking industry due to SDN and cloud computing (see Jim Duffy’s Network World article) as the cause for restructuring. But, at this early stage in the SDN discussion, we as an industry […]

Plexxi Pulse – Exciting week at OFC/NFOEC!

We’ve had a busy week at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition/National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC) demoing our integration with CALIENT’s S320 optical circuit switch. The Plexxi/CALIENT solution is able to abstract the entire network and relate network capabilities back to what users actually need to accomplish. Thanks to OFC/NFOEC and CALIENT for […]

The Butterfly Hunter

Humans have an idealized view of butterflies.  Their majesty is prominently displayed across the curvy outline of their wingspan and they spend their lives clumsily floating through the air from flower to flower enjoying the infinite flow of nectar offered up to them.  We are fascinated with them as children and even as we get […]

The insidious cost of incrementalism — Part 2

When I said that the networking industry at large is mired in a culture of incrementalism, I was really painting a broader brush than just networking vendors. The costs of incrementalism on the customer side are every bit as hidden and thus every bit as insidious as those on the vendor side. If vendor issues start […]

Plexxi Pulse – Don’t forget about the HW!

Today, we kicked off SDNCentral’s DemoFriday with our friends over at Boundary – it was a great opportunity to share our story and how we’re working to solve the real problems in the data center and SDN. Thanks to SDNCentral for hosting and allowing us to debut this event series. Here are a few of […]

The network that works for you

I remember the first times I thought technology was really cool or important.  It’s been a long journey since those days, and while some tech has kept my geek meter from zeroing out, I’ve slowly started to become the crusty, bearded, over nostalgic nay-sayer of many new things.  That is, until I first understood what […]

The insidious cost of incrementalism — Part 1

The networking industry at large is mired in a culture of incrementalism. Put simply, incrementalism is the continued growth through simple addition. You start with an existing product or solution, you identify some problem or deficiency, and you add to the original. Over time, more and more problems are solved, products become more elaborate and […]