Plexxi Pulse – Networking Field Day and Affinities

Next month Networking Field Day 7 will take place in San Jose, CA from February 19 – 21. As always, Plexxi is excited to engage in candid discussions with fellow networking enthusiasts. Matt Oswalt recently posted to his blog about NFD 7 and described Plexxi as “taking the flamethrower to this largely unexplored jungle that […]

IP Multicast: we should do so much better

IP multicast is an wonderful tool, but it’s very hard to control and debug at any decent scale. Several years ago I spent a few weeks at Dehli’s new airport trying to tune a network that carried all critical airport applications like check-in, baggage handling, signage etc, but also had to transport video feeds from […]

From white box to bare metal: Dell to run Cumulus SW on Force10 switches

Big news in networking today as Dell announced plans to ship its Force10 switches with Cumulus software. The news is covered in several places, including the following: Forbes Wall Street Journal Enterprise Networking Planet Network World These articles do a good job of explaining what Dell and Cumulus are up to. I won’t rehash the […]

Positive feedback should roll uphill too

If you ask someone if feedback ought to go upward as easily as it goes downward, people will reflexively say yes. But how often does feedback really flow uphill? And when it does, is it positive or negative? In most settings, it is fairly trivial to offer a few words of praise about a peer […]

What Networking Can Learn From the NFL

We are a few short days away from the biggest spectacle in sports – the Super Bowl. It is impossible to avoid talk this week of Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos, the Seattle Seahawks, and the NFL in general. But does the NFL have anything to teach tech industries? The NFL is a massively successful […]

Stateless Transport Tunneling (STT) meets the Network

Last week I walked through the packet formats for VXLAN and NVGRE specifically focused on ways by which the overlay packets provide information to the physical network that help the physical network. Some of the initial extreme thoughts that the overlay and physical network can and should be completely ignorant of each other have softened […]

Sources and sinks: Which are you?

We all know people who are energizing to talk to. Whatever the topic, they are full of energy. They make ideas better. Moods improve when they are around. And there are people who fall into the opposite camp. They always seem to spot the negative thing. They breed pessimism all around. And talking to them […]

Architecting for resiliency

It has become fairly fashionable in networking to compare evolving architectures to trends that played out in both compute and storage. The general idea is that if you can identify some architectural truth that is ubiquitous in its application, you can draw conclusions that allow you to either predict the future or, at the vest […]

Plexxi Pulse – Moving Out of Startup

This week Kyle Alspach wrote a feature on Plexxi in the Boston Business Journal: Plexxi heads out of startup mode, says Cisco ‘in tune’ with networking approach. Kyle discusses how far we’ve come as a startup in the last few years, as we continue to increase our customer base and intend to move out of […]

Overlay Entropy

There have been many articles describing overlay networks in the past few quarters. Its a relatively straightforward concept, not far removed from some of the older VPN technologies very popular a while ago. The actual transport of packets is probably the simplest, it is the control plane that is much harder to construct and therefore […]