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We hope you were able to tune in to our latest installation of DemoFriday with SDNCentral. In the webinar, our own Marten Terpstra and Andre Viera with Ramen Sud and Sam Gopal of Iron Mountain discussed how SDN provides the flexibility and balance essential for managing transport between datacenters. We’ll share the full webinar once it’s live on SDNCentral’s site.

Another hot topic this week was the key role automation plays in SDN and datacenter innovation. Greg Ferro and Mike Matchet each commented on this subject in recent pieces for InformationWeek and SearchDataCenter. My colleague Mike Bushong covered the topic on the Plexxi blog as well. It will be interesting to see the effect of software-defined networking on the datacenter as the era of automation nears.

As you may already know, Plexxi uses photonic interconnects that allow datacenter sites to be physically separate. In this week’s PlexxiTube of the week, our own Dan Bachman discusses how much physical distance there can be between datacenter sites to maintain functionality.

Check out this week’s recap of what we’ve been up to on social media for the past week. Have a great weekend!

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