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Another fun and informative week at VMworld has come to an end. By all reports, the conference was a huge success. If you’ve been keeping up with us on Twitter, you’ll know that we were busy staffing our “conversations” booth and we handed out enough #SocksofPlexxi to outfit an army. We also got a lot of work done, demoing our new big data fabric and datacenter transport fabric. Below is a Storify thread recapping the week– enjoy! vmworld This week we have two videos of the week, brought to you by our very own Dan Backman right from the VMworld conference floor. In the first video, Dan explains how you can use Plexxi to grow your big data network. In the second, Dan speaks with VMworld conference attendees to get their perspective on how their companies are preparing for big data. More Q&A style videos from VMworld can be found on PlexxiTube here.


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