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2014 was a busy year in networking, and our friend Marcia Savage did a great job of summarizing the industry highs and lows – from ACI to white box switches – this week in a slideshow for Network Computing. It’s definitely worth a read before you head out for the weekend. Check out Marcia’s year end wrap up below as well as other happenings in the networking space this week.

In this week’s PlexxiTube video of the week, Dan Bachman explains how Plexxi incorporates optical transport into datacenter transport fabrics.

Computer Weekly: Cisco is missing the transition to software-defined networks
By Alex Scroxton
Little doubt remains that the future of networking will be defined by software, but market-watchers warn Cisco is missing this move. Cisco’s hardware forms the backbone of most enterprise networks around the world. But this world is changing and many buyers no longer see compute, storage and networking as distinct silos… Software-defined networking (SDN) company Plexxi, which recently appointed former EMC executive Richard Napolitano as its CEO, is one such company looking at the networking industry’s transition from networking towards an application and data-focused world. “We stand today at a transition point in the IT landscape,” says Napolitano. “This transformation will upend the networking industry as we know it and affect how businesses operate for decades to come. Plexxi has helped define ‘what’s next’ in networking.”

Network Computing: Networking 2014: Industry Highlights And Lowlights?
By Marcia Savage
In 2013, software-defined networking dominated headlines as the technology began moving from hype to actual products. While SDN may have lost some of that new car smell this year, it continued to grab the lion’s share of attention in the networking industry. Industry heavyweights Cisco and VMware continued to spar with their competing SDN platforms, OpenDaylight debuted its open source SDN controller, and SDN began expanding to the WAN.

ZDNet: Where your tech focus should be in 2015
By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
2014 is almost over, and what a year it has been for tech. But time waits for no one and soon it will be 2015, and if you want to hit the ground running then you’ll need to know where your focus should be. Here are the 10 areas that the IEEE Computer Society believe are going to be big in 2015. Some will bring profits through savings and opening up new markets, while others will bring challenges that need to be faced.

InformationWeek: Top 5 Big Data Trends Of 2014
By Doug Henschen
The era of big data analysis is here to stay. Take your pick of 2014 proof points. Tech watchers might cite the more than $200 million in venture capital raised by the top three NoSQL database vendors, or the $1 billion raised by the top-three Hadoop software distributors. Many took note of the recent declaration by Forrester Research that “Hadoop is no longer optional” for large enterprises, thanks to compelling “Hadooponomics” that make it a must for high-scale storage and data processing.

The Wall Street Journal: Cisco Systems Files Patent Suit Against Rival Arista
By Don Clark
Cisco Systems Inc. sued Arista Networks Inc. on Friday, accusing the fast-growing competitor of infringing on an array of Cisco patents and copyrights associated with its networking equipment. The accusations are contained in separate complaints against Arista, a company led by former Cisco executives that went public six months ago and sports a market valuation of nearly $5 billion. Cisco accused Arista of infringing on 14 patents that cover important features of Cisco products. The company also accuses Arista of extensively copying other Cisco intellectual property, including copyright material from user manuals and more than 500 commands used to configure networking equipment.

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