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At Plexxi, we believe every network will be re-architected, not just upgraded to meet the needs of the changing IT application landscape. Seizing this opportunity requires more than great technology, you need strategic partners aligned and committed to this vision. Our partnership with Arrow Electronics

provides a game changing opportunity for Plexxi to deliver value to our partners and customers as we scale our business.

We’re pleased to announce today an exclusive distribution agreement with Arrow Electronics. Under this agreement, Arrow’s Enterprise Computing Business will become the sole distributor of our next-generation networking products and solutions for scale-out applications, agile datacenters and distributed cloud environments.

We are excited to have Arrow distribute Plexxi products and services to help accelerate the growth of our channel in the United States and Canada. This agreement opens the door to the next great era of IT for businesses to leverage and gain significant efficiencies and market growth.

Arrow is the perfect partner for this agreement. Aside from being one of the largest and most efficient distributors in the industry, the company prides itself on being forward thinking and innovative.

In their own words, “Innovators live in the world of Five Years Out. Where their flashes of brilliance collide with millions of our practical components to form smarter solutions for all of us.”

We believe that our ‘Third Platform’ vision and Arrow’s ‘Five Years Out’ vision emphasize a major transformation in next-generation datacenter abilities and requirements.

To us, this agreement represents a vision that a new generation of Third Platform applications, including Internet of Things, Big Data, social, mobile and distributed apps, require a new software-defined infrastructure to meet the demands for scale-out, virtualized computing.

The partnership allows Arrow to make our products available to its resellers including:

  • Plexxi Switch –The industry’s only truly single-tier, scale-out networking solution, it integrates the power and flexibility of high-density optical multiplexing technology to create rich-bandwidth, low latency and dynamic networks for scale-out applications, agile data centers and distributed cloud environments.
  • Plexxi Control – Plexxi’s software solution gives users a real-time, comprehensive view of network resources and capacity. It determines the most efficient path for application traffic flow in real time, and directs the Plexxi Switch to accommodate dynamic business application requirements.

This agreement, coming on the heels of the launch of the Plexxi Series 2 Switch, marks yet another stride forward in a record year for Plexxi. We look forward to helping make Arrow’s “Five Years Out” vision a reality not just through our great technology but through great partnerships as well.

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