PlexxiPulse— Take Control

Let’s get back to the basics this week: What does Plexxi offer that makes us the One Network for All Your Data? The answer is simple – Plexxi Switch, Plexxi Control and Plexxi Connect. Today, let’s focus on Plexxi Control, the key to unlocking application-defined networking for public and private clouds. It offers automation, orchestration, […]

PlexxiPulse — One Network for All Your Data

Over the last 20 years (otherwise known as a millennium in IT), data storage has progressed from isolated silos directly attached to application servers, to networked storage that can be shared across a diverse collection of servers, applications, and workloads. The changing landscape has added additional demands on networked storage; demands for greater agility and […]

PlexxiPulse— #CUBEConversations

Our CEO Rich Napolitano sat down with SiliconANGLE’s co-CEO Dave Vellante recently for an interview with theCUBE. Rich shared Plexxi’s plans for 2016, including insight into some of Plexxi’s products, company growth and his unique take on the storage industry. They discussed the market, specifically the challenges of “East-West” traffic between the old “North-South” stack […]

PlexxiPulse— Explaining Plexxi’s Solutions

Cloud providers and enterprise organizations that are looking to build private clouds need infrastructure that delivers on three basic requirements: agility of physical resources, control systems that maximize physical resource utilization and control system integration with applications and higher order systems to automate resource management.  While these requirements exist across compute, storage, and network infrastructure, […]