Turn on your TV. Turn on your faucet. Turn on the lights. Text a friend. All simple operations, right?  Reliable, right?  Inexpensive, right?   Are you intimately familiar with the technologies and vast infrastructures that support these services?  Do you care?  Probably not. Personally, as long as things work when I “press the button,” I don’t think about what’s “behind the curtain,” and you probably don’t either.

If I managed a datacenter, I’d like things to work pretty much the same way. Yeah, I work in high tech, so the intricacies of how things work are always a curiosity. But as a consumer, when I push the button, as long as it works, why should I care? That’s also the attitude of thousands of application developers and IT datacenter managers, who want a reliable infrastructure that they simply don’t worry about. They want the infrastructure to be simple, turnkey, and essentially invisible. They have more important things to do with their time.

This week, members of the Plexxi team set off to Vienna to join Nutanix at their 2016 .NEXT Europe User Conference to help Nutanix demonstrate how to make datacenter and enterprise cloud infrastructures invisible. Fresh off their IPO, Nutanix remains the industry leader in hyperconverged infrastructure, providing customers with a converged compute and storage system that is simple, agile, and easily scalable. The Nutainx solution is a giant leap forward for many IT managers, but there’s still the need for the network that ties it all together. So, Plexxi is bringing its scalable network fabric to the party to demonstrate that scalable networking can also be part of the invisible infrastructure.

The key to Nutanix extending its invisible infrastructure to include network services is its newly announced suite of service insertion APIs. These APIs enable Nutanix partners, like Plexxi, to integrate their value-added network and security services seamlessly into the Nutanix infrastructure ecosystem. The net result of these integrations is that Nutanix administrators maintain a single point of control for all infrastructure resources, including the network.

If you stop by our booth (#S6), at the show, you can see the fruits of our recent integration with Nutanix using a combination of Nutanix APIs, Plexxi APIs, and Plexxi’s event-driven workflow automation platform, Plexxi Connect.  Plexxi Connect, combined with network orchestration from Plexxi Control and a dynamic network fabric comprised of Plexxi Switches, creates a complete network solution for Nutanix customers to easily build, operate, and scale their enterprise datacenter and cloud infrastructures. The integrated Nutanix/Plexxi solution delivers a one-click infrastructure automation capability for Nutanix customers that includes network provisioning and management, enabling the end-to-end network to automatically adapt to changes in dynamic environments.

Can’t make it to Vienna? Have a look at the Nutanix Prism user interface below for a sample of the level of integration we’ve achieved with Nutanix . It shows a Plexxi management tab in Prism that displays Plexxi network health statistics, visualization of network fabric path allocation, and a network fabric heat map. Now, Nutanix customers can visualize, in addition to their compute, virtualization and storage, the status and operation of the network component of their Nutanix environment, all right from the Nutanix Prism GUI.


Integrated visualization is just the tip of the iceberg. Plexxi’s pre-built Nutanix Integration Pack automatically discovers Nutanix nodes and dynamically re-provisions the Plexxi network fabric in response to compute and storage events, ensuring high performance and service quality for diverse applications and workloads, while making optimal use of network capacity.

OK, now that I’ve peaked your curiosity even further on what it all does and how it all works, I’m going to point you off to read the details at your leisure. Besides, you probably only care that it works when you push the button (wink), right?  To appreciate the full power of the Nutanix/Plexxi integration, I invite you to access the following links for more information:

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