PlexxiPulse – Switch 3

The next generation of innovative networking solutions is here: Plexxi Switch 3 Entry Series. Plexxi’s Entry Series Switches are designed to meet the growing needs of today’s virtual and highly dynamic data center and cloud environments. Specifically designed to support scale-out applications with high performance east/west traffic needs, Plexxi provides a scaled out and automation […]

PlexxiPulse – CEO Blog

Great news – you can now find the collection of our CEO Rich Napolitano’s blog posts in one spot. Keep an eye on our new CEO Blog for Rich’s insights into the latest networking trends. From hybrid cloud to next-gen data centers, there are a lot of moving parts in our industry and Rich has […]

PlexxiPulse – LightRail

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) has enabled networking vendors to push more data through fiber optics. There are two major variations of WDM: Dense (DWDM) and Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM). CWDM uses fewer wavelengths with more space between the wavelengths, whereas DWDM uses more wavelengths with very small spaces between each, but comes with a […]

PlexxiPulse – HCN

What is a hyper-converged network you ask? Look no further, I answer all of your burning questions in my latest blog, What is a hyper-converged network (and why do you need one?). In short, HCN is purpose-built network fabric to support the unique needs of HCI clusters. It’s fool-proof, integrated, automated, removes the need for […]