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Great news – you can now find the collection of our CEO Rich Napolitano’s blog posts in one spot. Keep an eye on our new CEO Blog for Rich’s insights into the latest networking trends. From hybrid cloud to next-gen data centers, there are a lot of moving parts in our industry and Rich has his finger on the pulse. Start with his latest piece, HP Enterprise Acquires Simplivity – The Coming Hybrid Cloud Wars.

Below please find a few of our top picks for our favorite news articles of the week.

Data Center Frontier: The Power Paradox of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
By Jake Ring, CEO of dcBLOX
If there is one technology innovation capturing the attention of IT leaders and CFOs alike, it’s hyper-convergence in the data center. The evolution from hardware-defined silos supporting specific applications to converged architectures with dynamic configuration through software defined networking (SDN) has dramatically increased IT flexibility. The enhanced agility empowers organizations to meet customer requirements more efficiently, with undeniable business benefits.

The VAR Guy: Why is IoT Popular? Because of Open Source, Big Data, Security and SDN
By Christopher Tozzi
Why is everyone talking about the Internet of Things (IoT)? It’s not because the IoT is a new concept — it’s not — but rather because the IoT intersects with several other key trends in the tech world, from open source and big data to cybersecurity and software-defined networking. If you think the IoT is a new thing, think again. The term Internet of Things has been around since the late 1990s. Devices other than computers and phones have been connecting to the Internet for decades. Neither the concept nor the substance of the IoT is very novel.

InfoWorld: A Look into the Future of IT: Composability
By Paul Miller, HPE Vice President of Marketing, Software-defined and Cloud Group
Composable infrastructure is a relatively new term in the IT world. First appearing on the scene a few years ago, composable infrastructure has come to mean infrastructure, that is fluid pools of compute, storage and fabric, one platform with the ability to be composed and recomposed to meet the needs of the application at any given time. Software-defined intelligence and a unified API are used to “compose” these fluid resource pools.The future of composability is delivering the adaptability, flexibility, and the cloud-like speed and efficiency of composable infrastructure to other technologies in the datacenter. Most importantly, hyperconverged solutions and hybrid cloud environments.

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