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What is a hyper-converged network you ask? Look no further, I answer all of your burning questions in my latest blog, What is a hyper-converged network (and why do you need one?). In short, HCN is purpose-built network fabric to support the unique needs of HCI clusters. It’s fool-proof, integrated, automated, removes the need for SANs, and best of all, it costs you the same or less than doing it the hard way. Check out why you need HCN here.

Below please find a few of our top picks for our favorite news articles of the week.

The Data Center Journal: Being Active In The Age Of Virtualization
By Oliver Linder
The data center is a hub for stakeholders with backgrounds covering a broad range of disciplines: facility-management teams, server and storage admins, database specialists, and network engineers. The disconnect, however, lies in the fact that these groups are often siloed in separate organizational units. This situation makes orchestrated and synchronized collaboration a rarity in many contemporary data centers. Although most data center infrastructure management (DCIM) professionals declare that bridging the gap between organizational silos and supporting agile methodologies across multiple departments are their primary goals, DCIM involves more than a simple merging of facility and server management.

Network World: Cost optimization gains ground in IT infrastructure decisions
By Mike Sheldon
In business, as in life, a great deal of time is spent predicting the future, especially at the dawn of a new year. Market watchers are scrambling to identify the top IT trends that will shape buying patterns in 2017.  Amid all the data gathering and crystal-ball gazing, I prefer to look back and learn from what’s happened in the past so I’ll be better prepared to handle what lies ahead. Last month, I attended the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference, which never fails to deliver an insider’s look at the latest priorities, challenges and transformations in the corporate data center.

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