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The next generation of innovative networking solutions is here: Plexxi Switch 3 Entry Series. Plexxi’s Entry Series Switches are designed to meet the growing needs of today’s virtual and highly dynamic data center and cloud environments. Specifically designed to support scale-out applications with high performance east/west traffic needs, Plexxi provides a scaled out and automation focused network solution for diverse application workloads. Unlike traditional leaf/spine approaches, these switches are deployed as a single tier, eliminating cost and complexity while vastly reducing operational overhead and creating true fabric agility to support dynamic workload needs. In conjunction with Plexxi Control, the solution streamlines operations and dynamically aligns the network resources to the demanding workload and data requirements of the modern data center.

Key Benefits include:

  • High-density 10/25/40/50/100 GbE access
  • 3.2 Tbps switching capacity
  • 1 RU form factor
  • Redundant/hot-swappable power and fans
  • Controller-based architecture using Plexxi Control
  • Fully compatible with Plexxi Switch 2 Entry, Performance and Performance Plus Series

Learn more about the advantages of Plexxi Switch 3 here.

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Dark Reading: How to Secure Hyperconverged Infrastructures & Why It Is Different
By Liviu Arsene, Bitdefender
The next-generation datacenter requires new security practices, but that doesn’t mean everything we learned about datacenter security becomes obsolete. Securing traditional datacenters used to be all about installing perimeter defenses, such as firewalls, to keep threats away from internal networks. While that was enough a decade ago, today’s next-generation datacenters are prone to advanced attacks from malware and hackers aiming to infiltrate and remain undetected for as long as possible.

Search Converged Infrastructure: Prepare your environment for HCI platform installation
By Alastair Cooke
Deploying a shiny new HCI platform can transform a data center, but there are a few preparatory steps IT administrators should take to ensure a smooth transformation. Some of the preparations for installing hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) are fairly standard; administrators who have switched virtualization platforms before will be familiar with them. Other steps are more specific to HCI. Every HCI deployment needs physical data center preparation, and most involve changes in organizational responsibilities.

Network World: Increasing Agility with a Modern Storage Network
By Brocade
The combination of heated competition and high customer expectations is feeding the demand for greater operational agility in every organization. Employees must have the ability to transform massive amounts of data into actionable insight while delivering the superior service customers demand. That calls for a more responsive, reliable IT infrastructure—but organizations also need to minimize delays, costs, and downtime while they make that infrastructure more agile.

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