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The Plexxi Compatibility Matrix defines compatibility between released versions of Plexxi Software; both across the various Plexxi software components as well as for each specific Plexxi software component. Plexxi software is made available in three different packages, with each package including versioned Plexxi software components. The Plexxi Compatibility Matrix considers the following separately released Plexxi software Packages:

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ITBusinessEdge: Composable Infrastructure and the Hybrid Cloud
By Arthur Cole
The enterprise data center is getting smaller, but data loads are getting bigger. This puts traditional platform vendors under the gun to revamp their offerings to meet the new reality or risk being left behind. But this is not easy to do. Move too quickly and you risk getting ahead of the market that still has a vested interest in doing things the old way. Move too slowly and you risk losing market share to the up-and-comers who are crafting new business models around emerging technologies.

The VAR Guy: How Virtualization Is Accelerating Digital Transformation
By VMware
The drive for digital transformation has transformed how IT, the development team and business managers work together. Or, put another way, digital transformation has paved the way for IT, the dev team and business to work together. There’s really no other choice, as a balance among business goals, automation, security, business continuity and an agile, software-defined infrastructure is key to getting—and staying—ahead of the competition.

Networks Asia: Traditional, converged or hyperconverged infrastructure?
By Kama Pathy
In the not-too-distant past, technology solutions consisted of separate servers, storage and networks configured and physically managed on-premise based on a custom design for every client. Then came converged technology which combined servers and storage according to a reference architecture to deliver a pre-built, pre-packaged solution. The next evolution of converged technology is hyperconverged technology solutions that integrate servers, storage, networking, virtualisation, and automation, orchestration and IT services into a single solution.

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