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The Plexxi HCN™ solution for SimpliVity™ tightly integrates Plexxi’s award-winning network fabric with VMware vSphere and SimpliVity OmniCube or OmniStack to create a complete compute, storage, and network infrastructure stack for SimpliVity customers. The Plexxi HCN solution leverages Plexxi Switch, Plexxi Control, and the Plexxi Connect Open Integration Platform to build a network fabric that scales-out directly as SimpliVity HCI resources scale. It allows for powerful automated and manual control over how multiple workloads are given access to network resources to achieve business objectives at the lowest possible cost.

Benefits include:

  • Fully automated network configuration, based on VMware, drastically reduces operating cost and time-to-value of SimpliVity (HCI).
  • Create user-driven workload SLA policies to ensure mission critical workloads get the priority and security they need.
  • Automated, event-based, just-in-time capacity for network intensive workload events can be allocated for actions such as live migrations or storage system re-balances.
  • A single network fabric can now support multiple workload classes, including isolated SimpliVity storage and federation networks, drastically reducing equipment costs and touch points.

To learn more about how Plexxi HCN integrates with SimpliVity, check out our latest datasheet.

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