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In Plexxi CEO Rich Napolitano’s career as a tech executive, entrepreneur, and investor, he’s had his fair share of “enlightening” moments. But the one that really struck him happened last summer when Rich was listening to one of Plexxi’s largest customers play back the value of our product in their rather large and complex environment. This one moment triggered a series of events that enabled Plexxi to close several major customers, raise additional capital, and position the company for major revenue growth in 2017. Check out what Rich has to say about this moment and what he has learned from our customers’ challenges in his latest blog, Aha – The Network Is Aware.

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TechTarget: Should you go all-in on hyper-convergence technology?
By Jim O’Reilly
As solid-state storage has supplanted the venerable hard drive as primary storage, we’ve come to realize a number of deficiencies in the RAID array model. Compared to local storage, RAID arrays deliver millisecond delays to all I/O operations and, while this was acceptable when HDD access times ran to tens of milliseconds, it becomes extremely inadequate when, for example, a local nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) SSD can deliver data within 100 microseconds.

ITProPortal: The state of SDN – have we reached the tipping point?
By Jay Turner, Vice President, Development and Operations at Console
The notion that we’re on the edge of widespread SDN (software-defined networking) adoption has been rumoured for years now. It seems there’s always a new report on when SDN will catch on and how big of a success it will be. Research and Markets recently stated that the SDN market will be worth $9.5bn by 2023 and predicted a 43 per cent CAGR by 2023. While reports like this are usually over optimistic, it raises the question of whether we have reached the tipping point of SDN.

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