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If you read our blog regularly (or talk to anyone that works at Plexxi), you know that hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is all the rage these days. According to a Gartner survey, 74% of businesses use or are piloting or actively researching hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. But many organizations fail to consider the networking implications of hyperconvergence. Legacy data center networking solutions can impede system performance, hinder IT service agility and hamper HCI initiatives. Plexxi HCN™ enables an agile, integrated hyperconverged network that efficiently supports diverse applications and workloads. The fully converged Plexxi network fabric can adapt in real-time to ensure high service quality, reliability, and performance for conventional applications as well as next-generation workloads. These pre-built software connectors streamline Nutanix HCI deployments and accelerates IT service agility, making them “Nutanix-aware”.

For full details on the integration of Plexxi and Nutanix, check out our solution brief, Plexxi HCN™ for Nutanix™.

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Beta News: IT convergence drops costs and complexity
By Gur Shatz
The IT infrastructure landscape is in the middle of a massive change. The proliferation of point security and networking appliances continues to drive up IT cost structures. Cloud adoption and the shift to a mobile workforce has made connectivity between entities other than physical offices ever more critical. Buying more point-solution or continuing to running networks separately only adds more complexity and cost. Instead we’re starting to see the convergence of IT. By moving towards a simpler infrastructure with fewer point solutions, we reduce the costs and complexity plaguing our current IT environments. This trend is playing out across four IT tiers: networks, appliances, services, and management.

CIOReview: The Need for Hyperconvegered Infrastructure in Today’s Business Environment
By Staff Writer
The growing scale of operations and complexity always inspire IT leaders to explore new means of optimizing hardware infrastructure and software. In today’s budget constrained business environments, virtualization emerges as the best option for organizations to scale up their operations and improve process efficiency. The potent concept not only underpins internal applications but also supports IT infrastructure that includes data centers and on-premise devices. To scale up the operations, businesses follow different options such as converged and hyperconverged infrastructure.

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