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When it comes to how networking fits into the IT equation, not much has changed in any fundamental way in decades. It’s no secret that compute and storage have converged to simplify the IT infrastructure, but traditional networking has remained complex and most often still requires specially trained staff in order to maintain.

Plexxi represents the next-generation approach to networking, – or the “third leg of the stool” – an approach that can automate network operations and vastly simplify the role of the network administrator through awareness of the application. Check out our latest blog by Brian Martin,  The Technology Trifecta – Hyperconverged Compute, Storage, and Network, on how this played a role in his decision to join the Plexxi team, and for more on this technology trifecta.  

Below please find a few of our top picks for our favorite news articles of the week

SiliconANGLE: How hyper-converged minimizes infrastructure ‘fiddle factor’
By Nelson Williams
Faster is better. To gain the edge in speed, tech companies have been turning to hyper-converged infrastructure so they can spend less time with their IT foundations and more time innovating. Now, hyper-converged solutions are going to the cloud. “How do customers spend less time integrating and maintaining their infrastructure and more time supporting their end users?” asked Jon Siegal (pictured), vice president of product marketing, Converged Platforms and Solutions Division, at Dell EMC.

TechTarget: What is the future of networking for enterprises?
By Craig Mathias
For the past few years, we’ve been conducting an informal survey with a representative sampling of our client base — including both manufacturers and end-user organizations — with one simple, open-ended question: In 2025, what will the future of networking look like? Networks have taken a significant number of major twists and turns since they began to gain popularity in the early 1980s, with an amazing range of basic technologies, protocols and configurations developed and deployed.

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