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Awareness. By definition, it means understanding one’s environment, its variables, its dynamics, and its current and potential future state. It’s safe to say awareness is essential to successfully achieving your goals in most endeavors.

Plexxi HCN is what we call “Nutanix aware.” In other words, Plexxi HCN is not just a collection of pipes for transporting data. We are an intelligent network that is aware of the Nutanix infrastructure. This enables us to recognize and respond to specific Nutanix events, for example, the addition of a new Nutanix node or movement of a VM. Our awareness also allows us to understand the criticality of specific Nutanix workloads, like CVM workload traffic. We are then able to identify and isolate that traffic to guarantee that CVM performance is not negatively impacted by other workloads on the network.

Like what you hear? Learn more about Plexxi and Nutanix awareness from Plexxi CEO Rich Napolitano here.

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Forbes: Forbes Cloud 100: Meet The Hottest Companies In Cloud Computing For 2017
By Alex Konrad
The world is moving online, and business is going with it. The companies that make that journey possible – providing everything from infrastructure to security, chat tools to marketing and HR – make up the wide-ranging and red hot category of cloud computing. For the second year, the Forbes Cloud 100 recognizes the best and brightest of the cloud. Compiled with the help of partners Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures, the list tracks candidates by operating metrics such as revenue and funding, with the help of 25 of their public cloud CEO peers.

Network World: What’s the difference between SDN and NFV?
By Brandon Butler
SDN, NFV & VNF are among the alphabet soup of terms in the networking industry that have emerged in recent years. Software defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV) and the related virtual network functions (VNF) are important trends. But Forrester analyst Andre Kindness says vague terminology from vendors has created a complicated marketplace for end users evaluating next-generation networking technology. “Few I&O pros understand (these new acronyms), and this confusion has resulted in many making poor networking investments,” he says.

Forbes: Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey’s Goal: Create The Operating System Of The Future
By Peter High
It is hard to grasp how significantly the technology landscape has changed in the past 30 years. One proxy is through the changes that have happened in the server space during that time horizon. As with so much of technology the changes have been to render things smaller, faster, and more ephemeral in nature. From the mainframe to client server, the move to Solaris and Windows 10 in the 1990s to Linux and VMware in the 2000s to Amazon Web Services (AWS) this decade, each phase has increased the trend to virtualization and variabilizing of costs.

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