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In case you missed it, last month we had the privilege of sponsoring the .NEXT Conference in Washington DC, hosted by Nutanix. The conference was an outstanding event. Between the continuously crowded Plexxi booth where we demoed our seamless Nutanix integration and automation, to Yuan and Mat’s excellent presentation and demo on Plexxi HCN for Nutanix, we couldn’t have asked for a better event. Thank you to our good partner, Nutanix, for involving us.

One thing was made clear at the conference which we were thrilled about – there is a need for a change in networking, a change that Plexxi is pioneering. Particularly, a Hyperconverged Network (HCN) for a Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI). We heard it in our many conversations, and saw it in countless sessions.

In addition to this important validation, we came away with some other exciting news. Here are some high-level highlights from the conference you need to know:

  • Plexxi was named Nutanix Elevate Partner of the Year – API Innovation
  • In the keynote address, Plexxi was announced as a founding member of the Nutanix Calm Marketplace
  • Rich Napolitano, Plexxi CEO, sat down with theCUBE to discuss the state of the industry and how Plexxi is shaping the networking landscape
  • Mat Mathews and Yuan Wang presented Plexxi HCN for Nutanix

For more details on these accomplishments, check out our full .NEXT recap from our own Jennifer Streck here.

Below please find a few of our top picks for our favorite news articles of the week

The Next Platform: How Google Wants to Rewire the Internet
By Timothy Prickett Morgan
When all of your business is driven by end users coming to use your applications over the Internet, the network is arguably the most critical part of the infrastructure. That is why search engine and ad serving giant Google, which has expanded out to media serving, hosted enterprise applications, and cloud computing, has put a tremendous amount of investment into creating its own network stack.

Search Converged Infrastructure: The pros and cons of building your own hyper-converged platform
By Robert Sheldon
Assembling your own hyper-converged platform is no small task. That said, the DIY approach can still offer a number of important benefits. Vendors sell appliances that let organizations stand up hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) quickly and easily, but these appliances come with hefty price tags and do not always offer the flexibility companies need to support their specific workloads.

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