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While browsing the Plexxi website recently you may have discovered our new featured customers page. Debuted this week, it highlights a select handful of the many organizations that have embraced our Hyperconverged Network solutions. On the page you’ll find information on our customers such as Kronos, MIT, Perseus, Washington State University, Iron Mountain and more – these are some of the cloud builders and champions who lead their industries and see the future of the enterprise data center.

We are fortune to keep such company and are excited to be able to feature our expanding Plexxi family. Make sure to check out the page here – enjoy!

Below please find a few of our top picks for our favorite news articles of the week

SiliconANGLE: Why does Plexxi’s CEO want to stay invisible?
By Mark Albertson
By basing its technology on the “invisibility” of a cloud infrastructure, Nutanix Inc. has built a successful business around the concept of a worry-free system. So it was inevitable that a new set of companies would emerge to supply the Nutanix ecosystem with technology built around a similar idea. “In the same way that Nutanix talks about being the invisible infrastructure, we’re the invisible network,” said Rich Napolitano (pictured), chief executive officer of Plexxi Inc.

Diginomica: Nutanix – inside out, not outside in, but heading for invisibility
By Martin Banks
Following on from the Nutanix announcements in Washington DC last week, some time spent with Sunil Potti, the company’s Chief Product and Development Officer, gave some interesting background as to why the company has pursued the path it is on, and how that can help enterprises get into the cloud as quickly and easily as possible.

CIOReview: Driving Network Agility Through SDN
By Staff Writer
The competitive nature of current day business environments requires a high degree of agility in terms of IT infrastructure. Although an increasing number of organizations are moving to the cloud today, there exist certain sectors (such as banking) that cannot migrate to newer systems easily.

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