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It’s been an exciting few months here at Plexxi, with the announcement of new versions of Plexxi’s switches and Control and Connect products, a .NEXT Conference for the books, and a recent partnership with Decision Lab. While we are still running full speed ahead, I wanted to take a moment to take a step back and talk about who Plexxi is as a company, for those not as familiar with who we are and what we do.  

Plexxi is a pioneer of converged, application-defined network infrastructure and systems for building software-defined data centers and public/private clouds. Our solutions enable Cloud Builders to harness the power of a single, simple platform to create private/public/hybrid cloud and data center networks. Plexxi’s converged infrastructure and application-defined networking solutions provide a comprehensive suite of building blocks, from hardware to management and application integrations that dynamically help applications to perform better and operate at the speed of business.

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Below please find a few of our top picks for our favorite news articles of the week.

Computer Weekly: Is hyper-converged the answer to the NVMe bottleneck?
By Antony Adshead
NVMe offers huge possibilities for flash storage to work at its full potential, at tens or hundreds of times what is possible now. But, but it’s early days, and there is no universally-accepted architecture to allow the PCIe-based protocol for flash to be used in shared storage. Several different contenders are shaping up, however. We’ll take a look at them, but first a recap of NVMe, its benefits and current obstacles. Presently, most flash-equipped storage products rely on methods based on SCSI to connect storage media. SCSI is a protocol designed in the spinning disk era and built for the speeds of HDDs.

Business IT: Why your next IT upgrade could be ‘hyperconverged’
By Stephen Withers
For many small businesses, one file server or network attached storage (NAS) appliance might be all you need, or you could even keep all your files centralised online with the likes of Dropbox Business. However, for fast-growing or mid-sized businesses, your IT hardware needs may be more complex and becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Hyperconvergence provides a way of simplifying and scaling IT infrastructure with pre-integrated building blocks from a single supplier. It’s not the only solution – and we’ll explore another option, a cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider such as Amazon Web Services, next month.

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