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Remember the good ole days when there was no traffic and it took you less than 1 hour to get to/from work? Me neither.

I remember bad traffic on highways with construction because they were being widened to accommodate more traffic and increased population (hello Boston Big Dig that never seems to end). But now there are just 3 packed lanes instead of 2. In addition, new technologies, such as Waze & Google Maps, give us options and alternate routes. As new routes are suggested traffic patterns shift, and not always for the better. There’s just no way to anticipate and change roads dynamically to accommodate the on-demand needs of today’s commuters.

Where am I going with this? Well, you see the same thing happens with data center networks. Most networks were optimized to carry traffic flows to centralized applications – in and out. But as technologies advance with cloud infrastructures, HCI, invisible infrastructures and scale-out applications, the world becomes more reliant on real-time data. Traditional networks are being taxed and application owners are frustrated.

But have no fear – relief is here! Check out our new video to learn more about how the Plexxi Hyperconverged Network (Plexxi HCN) helps companies remove the roadblock imposed by traditional network designs. Plexxi HCN empowers the data center with scale out fabrics that are application aware and constantly adapt to ensure that important traffic keeps flowing. Your network will never be the same and your business will feel the impact with improved SLAs and lower cost.

So give it a watch. But please, not while you’re driving. You don’t want to be that bottleneck.

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