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I just wrapped up the week with our partner, Data Solutions, at Nutanix .NEXT in Nice, their second annual European conference. Sold out at over 2,200 attendees, twice last year’s Vienna conference, the show also boasted a grand expo floor compared to the humble room in Vienna. It was a great celebration of simplicity and possibility on the French Riviera – well done, Nutanix!

This year is clearly about the importance of the network completing the “stack of simplicity” in cloud infrastructure. One click clouds deserve one click networking. This concept was reiterated several times in sessions:

  • Nutanix: great job making complicated things look simple.” – Bill Hippenmeyer, GoogleCloud
  • Complex is competent – simple is genius.” – Sunil Potti, Nutanix
  • Seamless infrastructure is pivotal.” – Dheeraj Pandey, Nutanix

Plexxi is dedicated to the principles of simplicity and invisible network infrastructure with the Plexxi HCN™ solution. I experience this kind of simplicity everyday as I dock my laptop and seamlessly add wired networking to WiFi. Call me lazy, but at home these are both on the same subnet and it just works. Seriously, it just works – no loops, no downed ports, just multi-connection bliss. In enterprise networks, this requires an intricate dance with Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs), ensuring both switch and host settings are properly coordinated. Naturally, doing this manually can be very error-prone and unpredictable.

Plexxi HCN eliminates the complication and delivers the same seamless experience to enterprise cloud administrators that I enjoy with my laptop. We do this with a feature we call “Auto-LAG” which, you guessed it, automatically configures LAG settings on both the network switches and the hosts, ensuring compatibility and optimizing the connections, eliminating complex manual operations, trial and error, and support calls.

Thanks for a great show in Nice, and we’ll see you again in 2018 in New Orleans and Nice, with another installment of networking made simple with Plexxi HCN for HCI!

Restez simple jusqu’à ce que nous nous rencontrions à nouveau!
Translation: Keep it simple until we meet again!

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