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Network awareness is on the rise – and the integral role it plays in IT shows no sign of slowing. From the IoT to machine learning, automated configuration and remediation, networks are more essential than ever in providing the critical services needed to keep IT operations alive.

Today’s modern applications and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions have fundamentally shifted the role of the network from pipes connecting clients and servers to a built out, bi-directional “data communications heartbeat” that is able to keep distributed components and their data in sync. Networks are learning from the mass amounts of data generated from billions of smart devices, and a network that understands data develops an awareness of the applications and infrastructure. The awareness is what allows an intelligent network, like Plexxi, to automate and optimize.

Check out the most recent blog post from our own Brian Martin for more on Plexxi’s network awareness.

Below please find a few of our top picks for our favorite news articles of the week.

TechTarget: Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions hit the mainstream
By John Moore
Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, once confined to a limited set of use cases, now span two worlds. HCI technology applications these days reach the corporate data center and create multifaceted relationships with the cloud. They are taking over wide swaths of IT infrastructure, with organizations entrusting HCI with a range of applications from scientific computing to core business systems such as ERP. This expanding universe of use cases is a far cry from HCI’s earlier days, when CIOs and IT managers deployed the technology to support fairly narrow applications such as virtual desktop infrastructure and video storage.

EnterpriseTech: Software-Defined Storage: Freedom Wrapped in Sheet Metal
By Peter Godman
A few months after we started Qumulo in 2012, VMware bought Nicira, a hot software- defined networking company, for $1.25 billion. As always, whenever a company without products in general availability fetches that kind of money, it attracts attention. Within six months, my good friend, Datrium’s Brian Biles, had refined the nascent Wikipedia entry for software-defined storage (SDS) to this: “Software-defined storage (SDS) is a marketing theme for promoting storage technologies that is currently lacking consensus. It is a reaction to the interest in the software-defined networking in the network product market, and Nicira’s high-value acquisition.”

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