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If you answered yes, it’s time to reconsider how you roll out new technology. Today’s technological advancements are intended to enhance business agility, improve how IT systems/operations work, and cut costs, with the end-goal of offering a better overall user experience. But, oftentimes both IT developer and consumers forget to consider the impact technologies can have on the human side of IT.

Ideally, the human element should be a key consideration in every technological development. Varying IT infrastructure components (like networks, servers, and storage) often require specially-trained and certified staff to support them. While dedicating resources to operate and oversee disparate components may seem like a technology issue, it is actually a human issue around operational complexity and cost. Consumers should be searching for solutions that directly address the human element. Take Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions, for example – HCI acknowledges the human element by integrating the compute, storage, and networking into a single, centrally-managed system. This solves any issues of operational efficiency and staff bandwidth.

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Below please find a few of our top picks for our favorite news articles of the week.

FierceTelecom: Comcast says SDN network could allow businesses to control bandwidth
By Sean Buckley
Now that it deployed an SDN network, Comcast Business says it sees an opportunity to enable its customers to automatically scale up and down the bandwidth they need. While the service provider had not laid out a timeline yet, Comcast is confident that it could equip customers with universal customer premises equipment (CPE) that could support any speed. Jeff Lewis, vice president for data product management at Comcast Business, told FierceTelecom that such a configuration is something the company is looking at as the next evolution of how it serves business customers.

ZDNet: Nutanix announces new storage, compute services
By Natalie Gagliordi
Software defined data center player Nutanix announced that it’s adding a new batch of developer-oriented services to its Enterprise Cloud OS software. Additionally, Nutanix is rolling out enhancements to its virtualization technology and new platform features that, overall, support the company’s bid to manage distributed cloud environments for enterprises. Key to the new products is the Acropolis Object Storage Service, which the company said provides an Amazon Web Services S3-compatible API that lets app-dev teams consume storage for things like data archival as an on-demand service, similar to other public cloud offerings.

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