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What do a leading, global provider of connectivity and managed services for high-precision, high-speed connectivity and a top research institution have in common? They both have a clear need for an exceptional network that is scalable and agile. And, they are both Plexxi customers. 

Here’s what one global telecom business (GTB) was up against. They needed a scalable network fabric backbone for its software-defined network (SDN) infrastructure. Before working with Plexxi, it had built a traditional network to transport applications across the globe for its managed services customers. This traditional approach did not scale to meet their business model and goals. This GTB needed to expand its service operations into 11 new major Asian markets and offer new services between 29 global locations. The expansion was required to allow the company to supply low-latency, point-to-point and multi-point Ethernet services, as well as global market data distribution to all of the world’s key emerging markets and financial liquidity centers.

Here’s where Plexxi comes in. There was no way its global expansion could be supported by last century’s networking technology. It demanded a new architecture approach that offered them a single, centrally-managed network under software control. The solution: Plexxi HCN™. The GTB chose Plexxi HCN for its highly-scalable network fabric, centralized management, and superior agility and control. The Plexxi HCN solution would enable them to dynamically, in real-time, alter workload traffic flows, and also explicitly assign QOS rules to specific workloads to ensure optimum performance and security.

  • They deployed their new international points of presence (PoPs) with Plexxi Switches and interconnected them to create a resilient and dynamic infrastructure backbone, which they then connected to their existing infrastructure network.
  • Plexxi Control software provides the centralized management, control, and visualization of the physical and logical network.
  • Plexxi Connect enables orchestration between the network infrastructure and the applications customers need to run their business.

So what does all this mean? Plexxi HCN enabled the GTB to deliver a broader range of services to clients 30 percent faster than prior technology and respond to customer change requests in minutes vs. weeks. The company can now alter traffic flows in real-time based on specific application workload requirements. And, its Plexxi HCN infrastructure reaches more than 100,000 route miles, including Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. (Read the full story here.)

Whether you are connecting points of a network across a campus or across the world, Plexxi has you covered.

Stay tuned to this spot over the coming weeks for more customer application stories or contact us now and the Plexxi team will be happy to assist.

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