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Not sure if you heard, but Plexxi is so much more than just the top of rack solution for your HCI deployment. Don’t get me wrong. We quite proudly excel at empowering HCI for peak performance, but there is so much more. Plexxi HCN goes up, down, east, west, north, south. There is no limit to the scalability and agility. This blog is just the first that explores the pains that enterprises are experiencing with their present data center infrastructures as they look to support applications and data of the future with static, cable constricted networks and how Plexxi is alleviating their concerns and their budget (by up to 30 percent and more!).

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Instead of me waxing marketing poetic, I want to share some of the latest success stories of some of our top customers. First up is Washington State University (WSU).

Like many research institutions, WSU is spread across multiple campuses, which poses some interesting challenges for the school. When WSU set out to build a new “research backbone” that would allow them to effectively collaborate between research centers and share compute resources across campuses, they turned to Plexxi to upgrade its network infrastructure to connect the distributed research facilities and allow researchers to efficiently share information across the network.

WSU’s previous network infrastructure didn’t have the capacity to efficiently manage the unpredictable traffic patterns resulting from the terabytes of data created by their researchers each year. The existing WSU network prevented its researchers from efficiently sharing data, resources and assets among their labs. Researchers had to store the data on external hard drives and physically carry them across campus. Not exactly a high tech solution for an innovative research facility. The university also needed the ability to share data and collaborate with other universities.

Ultimately, WSU needed a way to consolidate, share and repurpose compute resources, while also making them available to projects from a central location as a pool of resources. The University also wanted:

  • Better network flexibility to help quickly bring new services online without disrupting running operations.
  • A networking solution that automated the setup, configuration, and ongoing management of the research backbone and its associated resources.
  • Clear and concise visibility into the running system, as the daily pattern of network traffic was unpredictable.

So, why Plexxi? The Plexxi solution provided WSU with an advanced network that can quickly reconfigure itself based on the flow of traffic at any given time. It allows WSU researchers to share huge amounts of data as easily as sending an email. It provides a highly scalable, flexible and programmable network that can fully support the university’s research initiatives, re-rendering itself based on traffic demand, automatically maximizing efficiency and increasing bandwidth.

Using Plexxi HCN™, WSU was able to build the most flexible, easy-to-use, and cost-effective network to date to support the university’s research backbone initiative.

Since WSU implemented Plexxi HCN, it has reported significantly reduced network complexity and improved infrastructure reliability and agility. For more details on WSU’s use of Plexxi HCN, check out the full case study here.

So what do you think? Intrigued? Stay tuned to this spot over the coming weeks for more. Can’t wait and want to find out more now? Contact us and the Plexxi team will be happy to assist.

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