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This week, we announced support for Dell Networking Z9100-ON and Dell Networking S4048-ON data center fabric switches. Plexxi HCN will give Dell customers the power to scale data center networks flat and cost-effectively while still delivering unrestricted performance for all application workloads. With Plexxi HCN, Dell customers will also be able to:

  • Scale-out using Dell top-of-rack (ToR) switches without the need for dedicated spine switches and extra transceivers.
  • Enjoy a seamless cloud experience where network resources are deployed in complete synchronization with application orchestration.
  • Deploy a single data center fabric on which all applications run at top performance, simultaneously, without complex traffic engineering.

Plexxi is setting the new standard for data center network technology and application awareness, and we couldn’t be more excited. For more details on this news, click here.

Below please find a few of our top picks for our favorite news articles of the week.

The Next Web: How cloud computing will change by 2020
By AJ Agrawal
For the last decade, technology companies have been hyping the idea of “the cloud” and cloud computing. Recent advancements in technology have borne out the initial hype and are creating new excitement around this space. One of the first major milestones for cloud computing was the launch of Amazon Web Services, which enabled anyone to launch a website. Subsequently, the discussion became much more focused on data and what businesses could do when they decentralized their systems.

TechTarget: Match your hyper-converged infrastructure appliance to your apps
By Alastair Cooke
IT administrators must select the right hyper-converged infrastructure appliance for their organization’s applications, but they have many options to weigh.Every HCI vendor has hardware configuration options in a given appliance. Some vendors allow customers to choose among hypervisors, and some sell just the HCI software so customers can bring their own hardware.

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