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I have a particular soft spot for this Plexxi customer. They are a welcome reminder about the power of good and human kindness.

The AIDS Research Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) is home to the ARCW Medical Center, which is Wisconsin’s largest and fastest growing HIV healthcare system. It’s truly amazing what it does; more than 3,300 HIV patients in the state have access to the healthcare and social services they need for long-term survival with HIV through its integrated medical, dental and mental health clinics along with its pharmacy and dedicated social services.

As a care provider, the ARCW has large amounts of data from numerous sources traversing its network, and it needs a way to effectively and efficiently manage the flow of that data. Let’s take a look at ARCW’s pre-Plexxi IT infrastructure. IT operations were handled by a group of full-time employees who had the task of managing applications and infrastructure in two data centers, both housed in rented space. These data centers provided primary IT services and backup disaster recovery services for ARCW’s infrastructure. ARCW had more than 200 VMs deployed across five Dell PowerEdge R720 servers.

This is where the challenges began. With limited IT resources and budget, housing the primary data center and secondary disaster recovery sites offsite was not ideal. And, the company was dependent on solutions that did not require specialized training given its limited IT staff. To maximize the resources ARCW did have, it was vital that it reduce its IT infrastructure footprint. ARCW needed to consolidate and reduce complexity in its infrastructure, and thus began a search for a more consolidated approach.

Enter Plexxi. After evaluating several hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions on their ease-of-use, consolidation and scalability, ARCW elected to deploy the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform for HCI and Plexxi Hyperconverged Network (Plexxi HCN™) as its integrated network. ARCW chose Plexxi HCN for Plexxi’s seamless integration with Nutanix, its awareness of the Nutanix environment, single pane-of-glass management (which Nutanix demonstrated and recommended), and its ability to support the overall installation. Plexxi’s integration with Nutanix at the API level automated most of the initial Nutanix/Plexxi setup and configuration, which allowed for a simple and straightforward installation.

And the rest is history! Plexxi’s Connect and Control software gathered critical information about Nutanix physical nodes, hypervisors, workloads, and Controller VM (CVM). Using its awareness of the Nutanix environment, Plexxi was then able to build the appropriate network topologies needed to support these workloads, including the isolation of vital CVM traffic to ensure system performance and security.

For more details on ARCW’s use of Plexxi HCN, check out the full case study here.

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