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Does your company innovate or iterate? In general, big companies tend to struggle more with true innovation as they approach it from the lens of their product set, and the need to protect existing revenue streams. This results in a more iterative approach that still moves technology forward, but at a slower pace than truly disruptive technologies.

I’m not saying iteration is bad, but there is a difference between an innovation that creates new ways of doing things, and an iteration that simply does the same thing differently and slightly better. And while the compute and storage side of the data center has seen innovation, the network side has seen mostly iteration.

So now you’re probably wondering, is Plexxi an innovator or iterator? Check out the most recent blog from Plexxi’s Larry Veino to find out.

Below please find a few of our top picks for our favorite news articles of the week. We’re getting closer to the NFV promised land
By Scott Bicheno
From Red Hat EMEA we met Timo Jokiaho, Principal Technologist for Telco (right, above), and Nik Stankau, Business Development Director for Telco (left). Red Hat makes its money from fine-tuning open source software to make it commercial-grade, so it’s in a good position to comment on the state of the software being developed to make everything work – the plumbing if you like – as we move into the 5G era.

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