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It’s been a pretty crazy month here at Plexxi with events and announcements. We are finally enjoying some summer weather ahead of the Memorial Day weekend and I thought I would take advantage of the picnic table at our office to catch up on some industry reading. In my reading, I came across this article in InfoWorld by Paul Miller, VP of Marketing for the Software-Defined and Cloud group at HPE.

Paul has some great thoughts about the future of HCI and the composable infrastructure. No surprise they are in line with what we have been saying for quite some time. As businesses evolve and grow beyond hyperconvergence, composable infrastructure helps IT cut costs, increase storage for all workloads, and improve networkingwhile accelerating and simplifying everything.

So as you get ready for your holiday weekend, take a few minutes and  read the full article here.

The data center is in a magical phase of transition where limitations and bottlenecks will soon be a thing of the past. We’re just getting started.

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