The hyperconverged network for the software-defined data center


Plexxi has strong Boston tech roots and is a proud member of the New England region’s thriving tech community. Challenging the status-quo, Plexxi delivers the network innovation and results others have not been able to.

Recently acquired by HPE in June 2018, Plexxi’s technology will extend HPE’s market-leading software-defined compute and storage capabilities into the high-growth, software-defined networking market.  By seamlessly combining Plexxi’s next-generation data center fabric with HPE’s existing software-defined infrastructure, HPE can deliver a true cloud-like experience in the data center. Through this acquisition, we will deliver hyperconverged and composable solutions with a next-generation data network fabric that can automatically create or re-balance bandwidth to workload needs.  This will increase agility and efficiency, and accelerate how quickly companies deploy applications and draw business value from their data. Read more here.

We look forward to being a part of the HPE community. Together we will accelerate the realization of the modern data center and work to empower IT to create and deliver value instantly, continuously, and at the speed and flexibility of cloud.





For Plexxi, the data center is a complete, agile and responsive fabric that brings life to the enterprise it serves through agility and efficiency.

We understands the diverse workloads that hit data centers and uses patented, event-based workflow automation software to meet applications’ connectivity, performance and security needs. With Plexxi, the network will never stop you again.

Deploy Applications Seamlessly.
Leave Optimization to the Network.

Whether Storage is Discrete or Hyper-Converged, the Network Delivers.

Scale-Out Server Clusters or Legacy Client/ Server, Performance is Ensured.


There is no reason why enterprises, of all sizes, cannot experience the performance benefits of the public cloud within the walls of their own data center. Plexxi removes the barriers of the legacy networks to meet and exceed the demands of today’s application and data workloads, through tight-knit integrations with the industry’s leading data center solutions, the simplicity of intuitive UI’s and the cost-effective use of commodity switch hardware. Plexxi scales your network with your business needs – where and when needed. With Plexxi HCN, your data center is ready for whatever the future may bring.

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