IT’s march towards mass customization

[Unbeknownst to me, Matt Oswalt (@mierden on Twitter) posted a thematically similar post a few days before me. While I did not see that post, it seems disingenuous not to reference it, so please read his thoughts here:] IT is constantly evolving, from mainframes to disaggregated components to an integrated set of infrastructure elements working […]

Dealing with vs. Celebrating failure

There’s a meme that has been making the rounds through leadership circles for some time around celebrating failure. If you aren’t failing, you aren’t pushing the boundaries. The original premise of this line of thinking is that failure is not something to be feared. But there is a difference between using failure to learn well-earned lessons […]

Networking’s UX victims

Our perception of nirvana is impacted mightily by current conditions. For people who live in third world countries, for example, merely having running water or reliable electricity can be a life-altering boon. Meanwhile, those of us who are more accustomed to the creature comforts of life consider slow internet or a poorly seasoned meal worthy […]

The requirements for IT’s Third Platform

With the blurring of technology lines, the rise of competitive companies, and a shift in buying models all before us, it would appear we are at the cusp of ushering in the next era in IT—the Third Platform Era. But as with the other transitions, it is not the technology or the vendors that trigger […]

The power of Clustering Illusion when managing image

As humans, we are predisposed to finding order out of otherwise random data. When we look at clouds or even a mountain ridge, we find shapes that are familiar to us. When we see data, we instinctively search for patterns to help make sense of what might appear to be random information. It might be […]

SDN and legacy companies: laggards or pragmatists?

There was an interesting Twitter thread over the weekend initiated by Ethan Banks (@ecbanks). He commented that there was too much technique churn in SDN and NetOps (the networking equivalent of DevOps). His point was that in the face of all the change in how to do things, it left users in an impossible spot. How […]

Conformity as an inhibitor to strategy

Early in life, we are all made acutely aware of the power of peer pressure. Most of us probably attribute it to a deep need for belonging. But what if that deep sense of belonging is less about social acceptance and more about how we are psychologically wired? In fact, the pursuit of conformity goes […]

Networking’s atomic unit: Going small to scale up

The major IT trends are all being driven by what can probably best be summarized as more. Some of the stats are actually fairly eye-popping: 40% of the world’s 7 billion people connected in 2014 3 devices per person by 2018 Traffic will triple by 2018 100 hours of Youtube video are uploaded every minute […]

Outcome bias and the psychology that prevents sustained success

In psychology, there is a phenomenon called Outcome Bias, which basically means that we tend to judge the efficacy of a decision based primarily on how things turn out. After a decision is made, we rarely examine the conditions that existed at the time of the decision, choosing instead to evaluate performance based solely (or […]

SDN Market Sizing Redux

In April 2013, Plexxi teamed up with SDNCentral to take a look at how the SDN market might emerge. The original post along with supporting info graphic and written analysis can be found here. At a high level, the major takeaway was that we predicted that between 30 and 40 percent of the networking market […]

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