Innovation or Iteration

The word “innovation” gets thrown around a lot these days. I wouldn’t blame anyone if the word now evokes a gag reflex similar to how we all eventually reacted to “cloud” a few years back. Every product and presentation seemed to be reworked to make it appear it was a “cloud” product. It made sense […]

Is the Facebook DC Architecture right for you?

A few weeks ago Facebook announced their new datacenter architecture in a post on their network engineering blog. Facebook is one of the few large web scale companies that is fairly open about their network architecture and designs and it gives many others the opportunity to see how a network can be scaled, even though […]

IT’s march towards mass customization

[Unbeknownst to me, Matt Oswalt (@mierden on Twitter) posted a thematically similar post a few days before me. While I did not see that post, it seems disingenuous not to reference it, so please read his thoughts here:] IT is constantly evolving, from mainframes to disaggregated components to an integrated set of infrastructure elements working […]

The requirements for IT’s Third Platform

With the blurring of technology lines, the rise of competitive companies, and a shift in buying models all before us, it would appear we are at the cusp of ushering in the next era in IT—the Third Platform Era. But as with the other transitions, it is not the technology or the vendors that trigger […]

The Case for Hybrids

Plexxi along with Piston Cloud, Colovore, and King Star Computing published a white paper a few months back looking at the cost of a private cloud running OpenStack in a hosted environment versus renting compute instances from Amazon. The details are here. The short story is that in this analysis, at about 129 Cores, the costs […]

Networking’s atomic unit: Going small to scale up

The major IT trends are all being driven by what can probably best be summarized as more. Some of the stats are actually fairly eye-popping: 40% of the world’s 7 billion people connected in 2014 3 devices per person by 2018 Traffic will triple by 2018 100 hours of Youtube video are uploaded every minute […]

Dependency management and organic IT integrations

If the future of IT is about integrated infrastructure, where will this integration take place? Most people will naturally tend to integrate systems and tools that occupy adjacent spaces in common workflows. That is to say that where two systems must interact (typically through some manual intervention), integration will take place. If left unattended, integration […]

Datacenter resource fragmentation

The concept of resource fragmentation is common in the IT world. In the simplest of contexts, resource fragmentation occurs when blocks of capacity (compute, storage, whatever) are allocated, freed, and ultimately re-allocated to create noncontiguous blocks. While the most familiar setting for fragmentation is memory allocation, the phenomenon plays itself out within the datacenter as […]

It’s the Applications, Stupid (Part 3 of 3)!

If you missed the first 2 parts of this series, you can catch them here and here. The short version is that there are Enterprise customers that are actively seeking to automate the production deployment of their workloads, which leads them to discover that capturing business policy as part of the process is critical. We’ve arrived […]

It’s the Applications, Stupid (Part 2 of 3)!

In part 1 of this series, I mentioned a customer that was starting to understand how to build application policy into their deployment processes and in turn was building new infrastructure that could understand those policies. That’s a lot of usage of the word “policy” so it’s probably a good idea to go into a […]

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