Building Simple, API Driven, Agile, and Intuitive Networks

In the ever-evolving world of IT, the next wave of industry transition and growth will be the rapid movement from third-party applications to Cloud IT delivery models. Emerging Cloud environments include highly converged storage and compute (virtualized compute and software-defined storage), and dynamic run-time defined workloads. Emerging IT architectures will evolve, as well, as they become more agile and dynamic with integrated storage, compute and network that operate as one with simple configuration, automation and programmability.

A New Consumption Model

Are You A Cloud Builder?

The Cloud Builder takes a different IT approach to meeting the needs of the business. They look at applications and data requirements from the perspective of business goals not static technology silos (servers, storage arrays or switches). They want a flexible set of tools that enable a building-block approach. Are you looking for a better public or private cloud?

The Emerging Role of the Cloud Builder

As the industry transitions into the next era of IT, the flood of data and application growth is forcing Cloud-based network architectures to change radically. This shift is causing an increased emphasis on tools and service integration rather than a focus on individual components. The emerging role of Cloud Architect is tasked with delivering agility and cost savings through automation, resource elasticity, data and application mobility and workflow integration. Traditional static networking approaches are an impediment to achieving these desired results. Plexxi Control software, in combination with Plexxi Connect and Plexxi Switch, are tools to enable Cloud Builders to be successful.



Plexxi Switches provide an infrastructure delivering greater agility, cost efficiency, ease of use and security.



Plexxi Control provides centralized automation, orchestration, visualization, management and control for Cloud networks.



Plexxi Connect is an open platform delivering workflow integration across storage, compute and networking domains.

Plexxi Offers Simply a Better Network for Cloud Builders

The next era of IT has new kinds of applications and requirements, and there are new IT architectures needed to meet requirements for agility, integration, and simplicity. There are new IT consumption models emerging, such as IT as a service in the Public Cloud and IT as a converged offering in the Private Cloud.

The Cloud Builder generation needs to make the Private Cloud as easy to consume as the Public Cloud. Cloud Builders need a better network solution.Plexxi Switches are scalable, dynamic and responsive, Plexxi Control software is intelligent, automated and application-driven, and Plexxi Connect provides processes and tools Cloud Builders can leverage to efficiently transition to the next era of IT.

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