Simply A Better Network for Converged Infrastructure and Storage

Storage Traffic Moves Onto The IP Network

IP SANs, Converged Infrastructure (CI), Hyperconverged Appliances and scale-out applications like Big Data are moving storage traffic onto the IP network. Traditional leaf and spine networks fall short. Plexxi delivers a simply better network for CI and storage.

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Adaptable Multipurpose Networks Support Diverse Applications and Workloads

IT organizations are implementing converged infrastructure and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions to support private cloud initiatives. Legacy data center networks, designed to support conventional siloed IT architectures, aren’t well suited for converged environments. A fully converged multipurpose data center requires a fully converged multipurpose data center network.


Plexxi Full Stack Converged Infrastructure Solution

Plexxi’s award winning network solution is now fully integrated with VMware vSphere and Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform to create a full compute, storage, and network infrastructure stack for Enterprise and Cloud data centers. The solution allows for powerful and automated control over how multiple workloads are given access to network resources to achieve business objectives at the lowest possible cost and complexity.

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The Changing Landscape of Data Storage

Data storage has evolved from isolated silos to networked storage that can be shared across a diverse collection of servers, applications, and workloads. A next generation network fabric from Plexxi is vital to the success of converged infrastructure and storage deployments.


Storage Moves Onto The IP Network

Scale-out converged infrastructure and storage deployments are growing rapidly. The newly introduced storage traffic is placing significant stress and strain on traditional data center network architectures. A programmable network fabric from Plexxi is the answer.

Plexxi Converged Infrastructure and Storage Benefits


Deploy new storage capacity rapidly with a zero-touch configuration model.


Enable the network to keep pace with scale-out converged infrastructure and storage.


Isolate storage traffic on IP networks to maintain compliance and data integrity.


Workflow alignment with hypervisors dramatically reduces operational cost.


Converge once-separate IP storage networks for user, rebuild, and meta data traffic into one.


Improve storage performance with low latency, elastic and isolated fabric capacity.


Nutanix Integration – Building a Hyperconverged private cloud

Through integration between Plexxi and Nutanix, customers can now take full advantage of a converged compute, virtualization AND storage solution extending convergence to the network layer.


VMware Integration and Pod Scale-out for private clouds

Integration between VMware and Plexxi delivers agility, orchestration and workflow integration across storage, compute AND networking domains enabling Cloud Builders to operate at the speed of business.

programmable network fabric

Are you deploying converged infrastructure or hyperconverged appliances?

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