IT has traditionally operated within separate silos of storage, compute and network. Interactions between teams are manual, complex and operationally costly. Within this environment it has been very difficult to rapidly respond to evolving business needs. Recent DevOps methodologies have significantly impacted development and integration capabilities. Plexxi Connect is a platform enabling the network to participate in this DevOps model where tools, process and APIs enable workflow integration across storage, compute and network silos. Next generation public and private clouds require this degree of agility.

Plexxi connect benefits

Workflow integration

Vastly reduce operational complexity and expense through workflow integration. Dynamically provision the network as you deploy new virtual workloads or scale-out storage and compute.

Workload integration

Application-defined networking is all about understanding virtualized workload needs within a VMWare or OpenStack environment, and dynamically adjusting the network to meet them.

Infrastructure Integration

Hyperconvergence and converged infrastructure introduce new types of traffic and change how traffic should be handled within public and private clouds. The network must be aligned.

Security Integration

Security models are evolving to Big Data analytics approaches where user, process, application, system and device behavior is understood and the network must become an enforcement platform.

Solution Briefs


PLEXXI HCN for VMware Environments

Plexxi’s pre-built, VMware Integration Pack makes Plexxi integration with VMware simple and straightforward.


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