Plexxi Control is the key to unlocking application-defined networking for public and private clouds. It offers automation, orchestration, visualization and centralized control guaranteeing successful delivery of virtualized data, storage and application traffic. With a real-time view of network capacity and available paths, as well as an understanding of workload requirements, Plexxi Control ensures applications receive the resources they need to meet user expectations and business requirements.

Plexxi control benefits

Global View

With a network-wide vantage, Plexxi Control provides a single point to monitor, manage and optimize the network.

Resource aware

Plexxi Control has complete awareness of all network paths and capacity and can change the fabric topology in real time to meet application needs.

Network Visualization

Cloud environments are highly dynamic and require strong visualization tools. Plexxi Control offers visibility and tracking across network, storage and compute environments.

Workflow Integration

Vastly reduce operational complexity and expense through workflow integration. Dynamically provision the network as you deploy new virtual workloads or scale-out storage and compute.


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