Bringing agility, elasticity and cost-savings of the public cloud to the private cloud


Private Clouds include a growing footprint of converged infrastructure and highly virtualized, software defined storage and compute. The goal is to create a distributed and elastic pool of resources offering a single workload and application mobility domain. Traditional multi-tiered and hierarchical networking approaches are a barrier to achieving this goal. Plexxi’s networking solutions for the private cloud give you the ability to deploy and move your applications in any rack, across any row and across any data center seamlessly.


Networking for Converged Infrastructure and Storage

IP SANs, Converged Infrastructure (CI), Hyperconverged Appliances and scale-out applications like Big Data are moving storage onto the IP network and dramatically changing the nature of data center traffic. Traditional leaf and spine networks fall short on performance and lack required data isolation for security. Plexxi delivers a simply better network for CI and storage.


Plexxi, Nutanix and VMware Integration Makes A Better Private Cloud

Plexxi’s award winning network solution is now fully integrated with VMware vSphere and Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform to create a full compute, storage, and network infrastructure stack for Enterprise and Cloud data centers. The solution allows for powerful and automated control over how multiple workloads are given access to network resources to achieve business objectives at the lowest possible cost and complexity.

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Eliminating Private Cloud Networking Barriers

Deploying and administering multiple networks is inherently expensive and inefficient. Cloud builders can reduce cost and complexity by collapsing all traffic onto a common network, but they must find a way to support different applications and workloads, without sacrificing performance or service quality. What they need is not a general purpose network, but a segment-able network that effectively isolates and prioritizes traffic by workload class and type.

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Plexxi And VMware Solution Integration

Solution integration between Plexxi and VMware enables customers to achieve a truly software-defined data center (SDDC). The integration creates a first-class user experience for the Cloud/DC infrastructure operator where network configuration/provisioning, operations and automation workflows are provided through VMware tools.


The network impact of converged infrastructure and storage

The rapid growth of converged and hyper-converged infrastructure is dramatically increasing the amount of IP storage found within private clouds. Traditional leaf and spine architectures are ill equipped to handle the large volumes of bursty and unpredictable storage traffic being introduced. Plexxi builds a simply better network for converged infrastructure and your storage.

Plexxi private cloud benefits


 Maximize agility with zero-touch configuration and workflow integration across storage, compute and network domains.


Seamlessly scale-out converged infrastructure and storage resources across any rack, any row and any data center.


Improve security with application awareness, segmentation, service chaining and orchestration with existing security tools.


Dramatically reduce OPEX through workflow integration with tools like OpenStack, VMware, Hadoop, HortonWorks, Cloudera, etc.


Substantially reduce CAPEX through a converged, single-tier network instead of paying for a multi-tiered hierarchical architecture.


Improve storage and application performance while improving user experience through application-aware networking.


Big Data Fabric

A Plexxi Big Data Fabric provides an extremely high-performance, but simple fabric for your Big Data applications. Designed to create optimized topologies for the various components of a Big Data application, a Plexxi Fabric adjusts to the application, providing bandwidth where it is required, when it is required, through a simple-to-use interface and robust set of programmable APIs.


Are You A Private Cloud Builder?

The Cloud Builder takes a different IT approach to meeting the needs of the business. They look at applications and data requirements from the perspective of business goals, not static technology silos (servers, storage arrays or switches). They want a flexible set of tools that enable a building-block approach. They want to understand business goals as a set of IT workflows and seek to build an infrastructure that can be easily automated with business-relevant logic. Are you looking for a better private cloud?

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