Storage and compute have rapidly evolved yet networking has remained unchanged for over 25 years. You need a network built for the next era of IT.


Through data, storage and application workload awareness, a Plexxi network can dynamically change the topology of the fabric in real time. This allows secure and intelligent distribution, isolation and forwarding of traffic across the fabric, guaranteeing capacity is available wherever and whenever it’s needed for any application or workload.


Plexxi Control offers automation, orchestration, visualization and centralized control guaranteeing successful delivery of virtualized data, storage and application traffic. With a real-time view of network capacity and available paths, as well as an understanding of workload requirements, Plexxi Control ensures applications receive the resources they need to meet user expectations and business requirements.


Plexxi Connect is a platform enabling the network to participate in a DevOps model where tools, process and APIs enable workflow integration across storage, compute and network silos. Next generation public and private clouds require this degree of agility.

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Are You A Cloud Builder?

The Cloud Builder takes a different IT approach to meeting the needs of the business. They look at applications and data requirements from the perspective of business goals not static technology silos (servers, storage arrays or switches). They want a flexible set of tools that enable a building-block approach. Are you looking for a better public or private cloud?

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