Plexxi HCN for the Data Center Fabric

The elastic topology of Plexxi HCN enables you to build the optimal fabric for your infrastructure. Watch this video and learn about how the Plexxi Hyperconverged Network (HCN) auto-discovers and self-documents at power-on. This allows you to start small and grow incrementally without the need to over provision upfront. Plexxi HCN, through tight integration with […]

Plexxi Expands Interoperability with VMware

 Plexxi HCN’s VMware interoperability simplifies network management for VMware administrators and enables fully automated network configuration, which reduces complexity and operating costs and accelerates time-to-value. The new integrations and capabilities include: HTML5 vSphere Client Plug-In – Monitors converged, multi-purpose fabric health, measures fabric utilization, visualizes end-to-end connectivity and configures network elements much easier and […]