Change your career in 10 weeks

Most of us have aspirations to be more than we are. We want to make more money or be promoted or have more responsibility (or all three). What if I told you that you could have all of that in 10 weeks? It's a no-brainer – where do I sign up? In my previous life […]

10 myths about job interviews (Myths 6-10)

This is a continuation of Friday’s blog on the 10 Myths About Job Interviews. Today, I will tackle 6-10. Myth #6 – You can use any question to say whatever you want. If you are on your second sentence, you better have answered my question. I don’t mind elaboration, but don’t pivot to something unrelated. […]

10 myths about job interviews (Myths 1-5)

Myth #1 – Having an answer for everything shows how deep or broad you are in your knowledge. Actually, I will continue to ask more and more detailed questions until I get you to say I don’t know. What I am looking for in this moment is not your ability to make stuff up on […]