Long-term price improvements vs. long-term capacity growth

While long-term cost savings will almost certainly be dominated by operational savings driven by automation, there is still a Year One Problem around adding additional requisite capacity to existing networks. Most IT leaders have already gone through the calculations: My network is growing at X% year over year. And that rate is accelerating by Y% […]

Cognitive dissonance: CapEx, OpEx, SDN, DevOps and white box

There is an interesting industry-wide cognitive dissonance that is occurring. We are talking SDN, touting its automation and orchestration capabilities. We frequently introduce DevOps into the discussion as we talk about making meaningful progress towards long-term OpEx improvements. Leaders everywhere are espousing the benefits of a highly orchestrated, software-defined infrastructure. Controllers will give us a […]

Plexxi on Cisco on Arista

[This post is intended to examine potential strategic implications. I am not trying to evaluate products or determine the relative value of competing solutions.] John Chambers was quoted in a Barron's blog last week talking about Arista. The entire article is worth reading (it covers a lot more than just Arista), but I want to highlight his […]

Merchant silicon and cost

In the previous post on merchant silicon, I wrote about the migration from merchant silicon to outsourced silicon. In this post, I want to look at the other major customer interest in using merchant silicon: cost. The most basic dynamic with merchant silicon has to do with price and volume. As most people know, the […]

Silicon: Merchant vs. outsourced

If you talk to folks in the networking industry about switching hardware, you probably don't get more than a few sentences in before you hear the words merchant silicon, typically followed closely by commodity hardware. There is some confusion in the dialogue about these topics, and I think it stems from a lack of clarity […]