Maturity and Evolution of SDN

A few weeks ago I read this article from Craig Matsumoto on SDN Central. At first I read it with a bit of a smile, but for some reason it has actually started to bother me a little. In this article, Craig summarizes a talk by Scott Shenker about SDN and a proposal for an […]

SDN: Capability or Context?

Why is it that the definition of SDN continues to get debated? I think the definition of SDN remains a bit squishy. And while I am not entirely certain that it matters (people shouldn’t be buying SDN; they should be building networks), it is an interesting phenomenon, and understanding it better could help with the […]

The role of open source in orchestration

The most challenging part of managing a complex IT infrastructure is not in the silos but the boundaries between those silos. Tools, processes, and even people have to be particularly flexible at the points where workflows intersect. And once these intersection points are codified (through tooling infrastructure, specific procedures, or training), they are exceedingly difficult […]

Silicon: Merchant vs. outsourced

If you talk to folks in the networking industry about switching hardware, you probably don't get more than a few sentences in before you hear the words merchant silicon, typically followed closely by commodity hardware. There is some confusion in the dialogue about these topics, and I think it stems from a lack of clarity […]

Vendor lock-in and making progress: Mutually exclusive?

We are in the Second Coming. Our industry is deep in the throes of disruption. The first wave is about making sure the public knows that you are leading the disruption. So marketeers in every corner were fighting first to define SDN (he who defines it must certainly be leading it!) and then to label […]

Case Study on standards: Why opening up EIGRP is misleading

I have been talking about the role of Open in networking for a few posts in hopes of driving a little more precision around the term. In a subsequent post, I mentioned standards, highlighting their importance in pursuit of open. One of my central theses in all of this is that most customers use Open and Standards too […]

More on Open: Standards

[This is a continuation of the Open dialogue that began last week. The intent is to make more precise what people mean when they say Open with an eye on getting to better conversations. This is not meant to advocate any one definition over others – all are valid.] Discussions around Open frequently gravitate towards technology standards and […]